2016 High School Summer Fling

Are you in high school, or just finished 1st year uni?   AU and AUUC want you!!   Come out to Cox Bay Reserve to have a great arvo of Ultimate frisbee in a fun and casual format!

Register here: http://auckland.ultimatecentral.com/e/2016-high-school-summer-fling

Meet others going here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1200942756647181/

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June Update

Annual General Meeting

World Ultimate Championships

Upcoming Leagues and Tournaments

MailChimp Online Version

Financial Position and Statement 31 March 2016

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AKSS 2016 Term 1 Ultimate League Report

Central League:12670827_10154018741954144_8508364114731911622_n

The Central Zone outdoor league was a great success this year, boasting 12 teams from five schools over the two divisions. Despite the assortment of weather conditions Auckland threw at them, the teams were not deterred and showed great improvement from the beginning to the end of the league.

It was a highly contested competition in the boy’s league with the number of Grammar teams battling it out at the top of the table. However, when it came down to it, AGS 3 put the pedal down and defeated AGS 4 (7-1) in the final.

In the girl’s division, the top Epsom Girls team proved to be the team to beat. With a number of U20 rep players, their skill and experience carried them through to the final where they defeated Selwyn College (9-3).

Submitted by Central League Coordinator Marcia Zeng

Final team standings are as follows:

Boy’s Division

  1. Auckland Grammar School 3 (MVP – Josh D)
  2. Auckland Grammar School 4 (MVP – Calvin)
  3. Auckland Grammar School 1 (MVP – Nick)
  4. Auckland Grammar School 5 (MVP – Ryan)
  5. Auckland Grammar School 2 (MVP – Oliver)
  6. Selwyn College (MVP – Adam)
  7. Auckland Grammar School 6 (MVP – Andy)
  8. Onehunga High School (MVP – Jacob)

Girl’s Division

  1. Epsom Girls Grammar School 1(MVP – Sunny)
  2. Selwyn College (MVP – Minsura)
  3. Baradene (MVP – Lillian)
  4. Epsom Girls Grammar School 2 (MVP – Aira)

Spirit Winners

  • Auckland Grammar School 3
  • Epsom Girls Grammar School 1

Overall MVPs

  • Sunny (Epsom Girls Grammar School 1)
  • Andy (Auckland Grammar School 6)

North/West League

The North/West Zone of the Outdoor League was, as it has always been, a success for all involved. From our perspective it has been a tremendously rewarding experience to have been able to observe first hand not just the growth of the sport at a high school level, but also the development of all players throughout the course of the competition. What was also particularly interesting was the graceful manner in which even the most ambitious and aggressive players conducted themselves; it is reassuring to know that our community still continues to recognize the importance of mutual respect and goodwill, as well as the unique position of the Spirit of the Game in ultimate. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of this competition. We wish all players well with their future endeavours in ultimate.

Submitted by North/West League Coordinators Ian Lim and Ella Ganley.

Boys Division

  1. Westlake Boys High School 1 (MVP – Josh and Connor)
  2. Takapuna Grammar School (MVP – Nick)
  3. Westlake Boys High School 2 (MVP – Sam and Will)
  4. Green Bay High School (MVP – Charlie)
  5. Avondale College (MVP – Taffy)
  6. Westlake Boys High School 3 (MVP – David)
  7. Westlake Boys High School 4 (MVP – Reuben and Roy)
  8. Westlake Boys High School 5 (MVP – Adam)
  9. Westlake Boys High School 6 (MVP – Phoenix)

Girls Division

  1. Avondale College (MVP – Sewai and Fleur)
  2. Takapuna Grammar School 2 (MVP – Nicole)
  3. Takapuna Grammar School 1 (MVP – Zoe and Julia)
  4. Green Bay High School (MVP – Kate)

Spirit Winners

Boys: Westlake Boys High School 2

Girls: Takapuna Grammar School 2

Overall MVPs

Boys: Nick from Takapuna Grammar School

Girls: Nicole from Takapuna Grammar School 2

Championship Final:

Every year, the Outdoor League Championships brings together the best teams in Auckland for a legendary battle – and this year was no different. Taking place on fields almost as hardened as the players playing on them themselves, the competition for 2016 was defined not by the great weather that prevailed on the day but rather by the even greater display of human athletic ability, strength, resilience, fortitude and unparalleled sacrifice. The quality of ultimate in the high school scene in the region has definitely improved, and there is perhaps no better indicator of this than the fact that the top title in both the open and girls divisions at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Ultimate Championships were taken up by Auckland teams. Congratulations to not just the winners, but all teams involved in the Outdoor League Championships. Best of luck for your future in ultimate.

Submitted by league coordinator Ian Lim.

Boys Division

  1. Westlake Boys High School 1
  2. Takapuna Grammar School
  3. Auckland Grammar School 3 AND Auckland Grammar School 4

Girls Division

  1. Epsom Girls Grammar 1
  2. Selwyn College
  3. Avondale College
  4. Takapuna Grammar School 212717872_10154018055924144_6279965682056713573_n
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Autumn League 2016

Autumn Indoor League info: Kohimarama Wednesdays and Epsom Thursdays; also includes information about World Ultimate Championships, London, June 2015.



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AKSS Term 3 Indoor league reports  (boys and girls divisions)

Championship Final: Central/North/West Zone + East Zone

After weeks of battling it out in zone competitions, Thursday 17 September brought together the top qualifying teams from the East zone league with the Central/North/West zone qualifiers to compete for the championship title in the girls’ and boys’ divisions.

The first round of the girls’ division crossovers saw Selwyn College taking on the unbeaten Epsom Girls Grammar and Pakuranga College v Takapuna Grammar. The top ranked EGGS team convincingly booked their spot in the final with a 10 – 1 victory over Selwyn College. The contest between Takapuna Grammar and Pakuranga was a nail biter with Takapuna Grammar edging out Pakuranga 6-5 to put the two central/north/west zone qualifiers up against each other in the final. Takapuna were certainly the under-dogs for the final having already been beaten in pool play and the central zone finals by the highly polished EGGS team. The Takapuna Grammar team has gone from strength to strength throughout the season with a team of young athletes, but their progression was still no match for Epsom who held on to their title of school indoor league champions with a 9-3 victory.

It should not go unmentioned that top ranked Epsom Girls Grammar team has gone undefeated for the entire 2015 ultimate season, taking out every Auckland Schools title possible this year including: term 1 outdoor league winners, term 1 championship tournament, term 2 indoor mixed league (combined with Auckland Grammar School), and term indoor league. They were also the 2015 NZ Secondary School Champions. It’s not surprising that you’ll see a good portion of this unbeaten team’s names in the NZ U20 team!

The boys division played out in a similar fashion with the top ranked Auckland Grammar team beating Pakuranga College 2 (12 – 4) and the second ranked Auckland Grammar team, also beating their Pakuranga opponents from the east zone division (8 – 3). So it was an Auckland Grammar v Auckland Grammar final with the Llamanati taking the title 8 – 5 over their fellow students.

Championship Final Rankings Girls Division:

AKSS indoor league championship prize giving

Schools Coordinator Rebecca Stewart presenting at prizegiving

1st: Epsom Girls Grammar School (EGGS Benedisc)
2nd: Takapuna Grammar School 2
3rd: Selwyn College
4th: Pakuranga College 1

Championship Final Rankings Boys Division:
1st: Auckland Grammar School (Llamanati)
2nd: Auckland Grammar School 2
3rd: Pakuranga College 2
4th: Pakuranga College 1

Finally a huge thank you to Eunice Ng and Iain Stewart, the league coordinators for the central and east zone term 2 leagues, along with assistance from Ethan Taylor

Read on for full details of the East and Central Zone league reports and results.

Championship report submitted September 2015, by Schools Co-coordinator Rebecca Stewart

AKSS Ultimate 2015 Term 3 Central-North-West Zone Indoor League Report

What a way to end the last of the schools leagues for 2015 with the Central-North-West Zone sporting 7 girls and 12 boys team.

The boys’ division was full of fast-paced and exciting action with huge D’s and skies, and some impressive layout grabs. AGS Llamanti were unbeaten over the whole league coming out on top to win 5-1 against their fellow school mates AGS 2.

The Takapuna Girls Junior team showed great improvement over the weeks, the underdogs going unbeaten into the finals just to fall short to the favourites, EGGS Benedisc, with a team consisting largely of NZ U20 players who will be contesting with the Australians for the Trans-Tasman Trophy.

Kudos to the Spirit Winners EGGS Benedisc and AGS 2 who will be two of the four teams representing the Central-North-West Zone to compete in the Championship Final – showing that you can be competitive while being spirited at the same time.

A huge thank you to the coaches, managers, parents and volunteers for all the work you do behind the scenes, and to the players for showing dedication to turn up every week to consistently challenge and better yourselves.

Girls Final Standings:

EGGS benedsics - championshp winner girls division

Epsom Girls Grammar – winner of all the Auckland girls’ competitions this year!

Epsom Girls Grammar School – EGGS Benedisc (MVP – Sarah)
Takapuna Grammar 2 (MVP – Ari)
Takapuna Grammar 1 (MVP – Storm)
Avondale College – AC Current (MVP – Zhixin)
Westlake Girls High School – Justdisc League (MVP – Abby)
Epsom Girls Grammar School – Fried EGGS (MVP – Sammy)
Epsom Girls Grammar School – Scrambled EGGS (MVP – Cynthia)

Spirit Winners – Epsom Girls Grammar School – EGGS Benedisc
Overall MVP – Abby Linton-Price (Westlake Girls High School)

Boys Final Standings:
Auckland Grammar School – Llamanati (MVP – Ryan)
Auckland Grammar School 2 (MVP – Rowan)
Westlake Boys High School – Material (MVP – Ian)
Takapuna Grammar 1 (MVP – Sam)
Westlake Boys High School – Disc-Connected (MVP – Josh)
Auckland Grammar School 3 (MVP – Lauchlan)
Mt Albert Grammar School (MVP – Theo)
Avondale College – Potato Squad (MVP – Nick)
Takapuna Grammar 2 (MVP – Oscar)
Auckland Grammar School 4 (MVP – Ronnie)
Westlake Boys High School – Westlake Warriors (MVP – Matt)
Massey High School (MVP – Harry)

Spirit Winners – Auckland Grammar School 2
Overall MVP – Oscar Finnemore (Takapuna 2)

Central/North/West zone report submitted September 2015, by League Co-coordinator Eunice Ng

AKSS Ultimate 2015 Term 3 East Zone Indoor League Report

Th 2015 East Zone league saw the return of Pakuranga College, Selwyn College and Baradene College, and welcomed new-comers to the league – Sancta Maria College. 5 girls teams and 4 boys teams competed for the Eastern Zone title and the right to qualify for the championship final and take on the top placing central zone teams.

Pakuranga were the power-house of the East Zone competition taking out the top spot in the girls division and the top 2 spots in the boys division. Selwyn College took out 2nd place in the girls division enabling them to also qualify for the championship final.

Not only were Pakuranga dominant with their skills, but also in the spirit rankings, with Pakuranga winning the team spirit awards in both the girls and boys divisions.

Zone MVPs both came from Sancta Maria teams with Patrick voted Boys MVP and Emma voted girls MVP.

Girls Final Standings:
Pakuranga College 1 (MVP – Tonee)
Selwyn College (MVP – Tammy)
Sancta Maria College (MVP – Emma)
Pakuranga College 2 (MVP – Jasmin)
Baradene College

Spirit Winners – Pakuranga College 1
Overall MVP – Emma (Sancta Maria)

Boys Final Standings:
Pakuranga College 2 (MVP – Rory)
Pakuranga College 1 (MVP – Michael)
Sancta Maria (Patrick)
Selwyn College (Tasmin)

Spirit Winners – Pakuranga College 1
Overall MVP – Patrick (Sancta Maria)

East zone report submitted September 2015, by League Co-coordinator Iain Stewart

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AKSS Ultimate 2015 Indoor Mixed League

AKSS Ultimate 2015 Indoor Mixed Championship Final

Adrenaline and nerves were running high for the championship finals of the AKSS Mixed Indoor League which saw the top 2 teams from the West Zone League, Avondale College 1 and Green Bay High 1, come up against the forces of the top 2 AGS/EGGS teams, Padawans and Blackdoctor Iso from the Central Zone League.

In the semi finals, the top ranked (and unbeaten all season) Padawans played Green Bay High, and despite Green Bay throwing everything they had at the Padawans, it was a fairly one sided victory to the Padawans 14 – 3.

The second semifinal between Avondale College and AGS/EGGS Blackdoctor Iso was a top quality, nail-biting semi, with the teams trading points throughout. At one point when Avondale got a 2 point lead, it was pulled straight back with 2 quick scores from Blackdoctor Iso to tie it up again. But when the hooter went at full time it was Avondale College who came out on top with a one point victory 9-8, setting the night up a for a final of the top ranked west zone team versus the top ranked central team. But before the final there was one more epic battle to take place!

The 3v4 play off between Blackdoctor Iso and Green Bay was an outstanding game to watch. In many situations the 3v4 play off might be considered the anticlimax of a tournament but these teams played it like a final, with a great crowd atmosphere cheering them on. When the hooter went for full time it was all tied up at 7-7 and it was play-on to determine the winner. Blackdoctor Iso who had lost their previous semi by 1 point, turned the tables in the third place play-off to take the victory by 1, with the final score, 8-7. An outstanding effort by both teams in a dramatic and very well spirited game.

So on the finals… Padawans v Avondale 1. Both teams came out with fast paced games and a lot of early turnovers, as they tested out their long games. Early point trading kept the game close, but as time went on and Padawans settled in to the game winning form they’d shown all season they pulled away to take the win comfortably, 13-7.

Congratulations to the four teams who made the championship finals.

Central zone final - Elena to Anya from EGGS

Central zone final – Elena to Anya from EGGS







Championship Final Rankings:

1st: EGGS/AGS Padawans

2nd: Avondale College 1

3rd: EGGS/AGS Blackdoctor Iso

4th: Green Bay High School

Finally a huge thank you to Tim Meyer-Smith and Eunice Ng, the league coordinators for the central and west zone term 2 leagues.

Read on for full details of the West and Central Zone league reports and results.

Championship report submitted July 2015, by Schools Co-coordinator Rebecca Stewart

AKSS Ultimate 2015 Term 2 Western Zone Mixed Indoor League Report

The new Western Zone Mixed Indoor League hosted at Avondale College saw 7 teams compete to be crowned the first ever Western Zone winners and qualify for the Auckland Championship playoffs.

Avondale 1 and Green Bay 1 battled it out in a very close final, trading very long points before unbeaten Green Bay came up 5-3 due to their advantageous height. However, Avondale fought back until it was 6-6, before breaking away to win the game 9-7.

It was great to see senior players from all schools step up to coach the teams and lead from the front. It will be exciting to see this league double in size over the coming years as Ultimate continues to grow in the sporting scene.

West Zone Final Standings:

  1. Avondale College 1 (MVP – Shim Chen)
  2. Green Bay High School 1 (MVP – Charlie Shiers)
  3. Massey High School 1 (MVP – Brad Melvin)
  4. Massey High School 2 (MVP – Perry Hastings)
  5. Green Bay High School 2 (MVP – Grace Tawharu)
  6. Avondale College 2 (MVP – Sujen Phea)
  7. Avondale College 3 (MVP – Estella Nelson)

Spirit Winners  – Avondale College 1

Overall Male MVP – Perry Hastings (Massey High School 2)

Overall Female MVP – Sujen Phea (Avondale College 2)

Report submitted June 2015 by League Coordinator Eunice Ng

West zone team  MVPs

West zone team MVPs








AKSS Ultimate 2015 Term 2 Central Zone Mixed Indoor League Report

It was another great year for the Central  League with 20 teams from 11 schools participating, including Mt Albert Grammar School, Sancta Maria College and Rosmini, who are three new entries into the Schools’ Mixed Ultimate scene.

The competition was hotly contested with many great highlights including first timers Sancta Maria’s enthusiasm and skill in their first ever game; and Selywn’s miraculous victory over perennial favourites Auckland Grammar School.
However in the end, the final was as many may have predicted between the top 2 AGS-EGGS teams. Favourites Padawans were shaken early in the game when Blackdoctor Iso came out firing to score the first point and keep toe-to-toe with their more highly fancied competitors. In the end however a footblock from Dinith and some great puts from Rowan was not enough to stop Padawans running away with the win 12-7. Both teams deserved their spot in the final with great play all round and move on to the highly anticipated Inter-Zone playoffs finals with Avondale and Green Bay.

For those not in the Inter-zone playoffs, they have the Boys & Girl’s Indoor League to look forward to next term. Also a big thank you must be given to all the coaches, parents and volunteers who put their time and effort into supporting their athletes for another term.

Central Zone Final Standings:

  1. AGS-EGGS Padawans (MVP – Anya Nantes)
  2. AGS-EGGS Blackdoctor Iso (MVP – Rowan Burns)
  3. AGS-EGGS 83 (MVP Jack Doherty-Eagles)
  4. BaraRosmini (MVP Joe)
  5. Westlake Our Tomatoes (MVP Sam Chong)
  6. Westlake Frisbee Major (MVP – Aidan Elliot)
  7. Pakuranga 1 (MVP – Chloe Jackman)
  8. Selwyn (MVP – Tammy Lushai)
  9. MAGS (MVP – Theo Paul)
  10. Westlake Fantastic Five (MVP – Josh Orejana)
  11. Takapuna 1 (MVP – Olivia Boniface)
  12.  Pakuranga 4 (MVP – Jaffar Bui)
  13. Sancta Maria (MVP – Tim)
  14. Pakuranga 2 (MVP – Rory Moore)
  15. Baralake (MVP – Kayla)
  16. Baralake Bantalopes (MVP – Matthew Martin)
  17. Takapuna 2 (MVP – Victor Tysan)
  18. AGS-EGGS Triarii (MVP – Sarah Riazuddin)
  19.  Takapuna 3 (MVP – Kade)
  20. Pakuranga 3 (MVP – Kaitlyn)

Spirit Winners – Pakuranga 1

Overall Male MVP – Aidan Elliot (Westlake Frisbee Major)

Overall Female MVP – Tammy Lushai (Selwyn)

Report submitted June 2015 by League Coordinator: Tim Meyer-Smith

Central zone team MVP winners

Central zone team MVP winners

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Autumn Prizegiving and AGM

Thanks to everyone that played Autumn Indoors – see you again soon at Winter Indoors, or even Winter Outdoors!


Kohi Results
Spirit: Chop Suey
Winners: Inside Joke
Male MVP: Chris Nixon (Raj’s Dairy)
Female MVP: Bianca Mercer (Frisbeasts)

Epsom Results
Spirit: Cheeky Monkeys
Winners: Mixtape
Male MVP: Graham Hughes (Redisculous)
Female MVP:Chin Ann (AUT Titans)

Annual General Meeting
The good turn out might have been helped by having the AGM between prizegiving and a quickfire hat tournament (that was the plan!) but thanks to all that came anyway. It’s not exciting but it is necessary for Auckland Ultimate to function as an incorporated society.

President: Nathan Moore
Secretary: Troy Stevenson
Treasurer: Peter Kelly
Member-at-Large: Amy Yewdall
Member-at-Large: Brigitte Legg

You will be able to find the minutes, President’s and Treasurer’s report, plus minutes of previous executive meetings and AGMs on this page: http://www.aucklandultimate.org.nz/about/minutes/

Mini-Hat Tournament
After a quick rearrangement of eight teams down to four, a quickfire round robin of 10 minute games was played. AA on two wins and a draw lead the pool, followed by DD on one win and a draw, with BB and CC on one win each. Semifinals results saw AA play DD in the final, AA coming out on top by a couple of points.
Congratulations to AA and thanks to all that stayed to play!

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Colin Maiden Park Feedback

Auckland Council and Orakei Local Board have a consultation document out at the moment about the future uses for Colin Maiden Park. They present three scenarios and are asking for feedback about the different options.

Interestingly, this is in scenario three, about some open space, not sports fields:

The multiuse field can be used for a wide variety of casual uses. This green will act at the centre of attraction for the community for events and informal sports such as Frisbee and fitness.

What we’d like you to do is choose one of the scenarios, mention in the comment box that ultimate frisbee would like to share the football fields, and in the next screen select Other: ultimate frisbee.

Check a box, mention ultimate, and mention ultimate again. It will take less than a minute!

Here’s the feedback form:

Here is more information about the plans if you’d like to dive a little deeper:

Colin Maiden Park

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